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Winter Rego 2018

WINTER COMPETITION 2018REGISTRATIONS OPEN!! This year ACT Oztag will be holding both Senior and Junior Oztag Competition's. If you have a team or are just an individual, we have you covered!... read full story

Domino's Pizza in Florey and Kippax Proud Sponsors

ACT Oztag are excited to announce that Domino's Pizza in Florey and Kippax are coming on board as a Proud Sponsor. Domino's store in Florey defended the franchise's highest pizza sales title for the ... read full story





We are officially over half way through Winter season. This week ACT Oztag officials walked the grounds to see how games were going and to check on referee consistency.

We have been provided feedback in regards to the ACT Oztag footballs that are currently being used in the Winter competition.

We have checked the footballs being used and have identified that the quality of the footballs is very poor as they have very little grip.

All footballs will be replaced with brand new footballs for next week’s games.


ACT Oztag have been continuing to watch teams after the regrading process in round 4.

ACT Oztag staff members have identified more teams that need to be moved from the Novice division at Kambah and Holt, these teams have now been moved to D grade.

The Novice competition is for teams that have no experience in playing Oztag and don't have an understanding of the rules.

ACT Oztag officials will continue to watch teams to ensure that teams are in the correct divisions.

Please remember that this process is at the discretion of the Competition Co-ordinators and ACT Oztag.

This may mean your team may change game times during the season.

Changes to the draw can be found by clicking on the link here:


If your team have any issues with the referee or opposition, please approach the ACT Oztag Ground Controllers while the game is being played.

The ground controllers are there to help you and they can address any issues on the spot.


Rule of the week: If an attacking player receives the ball with his/her shirt out and a defender is within tagging distance the referee will call a tag








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